3 Steps to Impact Your Commercial Recycling Program

2016-09-2-08-22-31Behind every successful business, both big and small is a well-designed business plan.  From day one, your plan has acted as a map to growth and profit.  When seeking new avenues in which to cut costs and increase your efficiency, waste management is often a subject that gets overlooked.  As your business begins to grow so does your carbon footprint.  At West Virginia Cashin, we offer a wealth of services that will have your business up and running with a seamless recycling program in no time!

Audits – Knowing Your Numbers

A good start is knowing how much waste you create.  Utilizing materials such as metals, cardboard, and paper has the potential to turn landfill material into a channel of return.  The single most effective way to accurately measure the types of waste that your facility generates is to conduct an audit.  West Virginia Cashin offers waste auditing services to assist in developing the best options for waste removal.  After collecting the data, you’ll be able to better:

  • Determine you waste volume & recycling services that best suits it
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Locate and find where your waste is being generated from

Connect with one of our auditors and get an on-site visit scheduled today!

Finding Your One-Stop-Shop

12377691_1066538980057263_6958987127102481100_oAt West Virginia Cashin, we offer an extensive scrap management program in order to meet the needs of your growing business.  Our programs aim to provide efficient recycling solutions that also meet compliance and get you the best value possible.

Our current programs support the following industries:

  • Municipalities – town, city, county, and state recycling
  • Construction – demolition and on-site scrap disposal
  • Manufacturing – industrial scrap removal and dismantling
  • Communications – wire, cable, and other scrap

Whatever your need, we have a solution for you!

Knowledge Reinforcement is Key

After you’ve constructed a plan that manages your waste responsibly, it’s time to inform your employees all about your new waste management habits.  Inform those involved thoroughly so that the transition to a corporate sustainability program is both effortless and without hiccups. When all is said and done, you will be greeted with both a financial gain and the knowledge and gratification that you are doing your part in a collective effort of environmental responsibility.

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