4 Things to Remember Before Selling Your Junk Car

Whether “old reliable” took its last trip to the grocery store and called it quits or your front yard resembles something of a car graveyard, the option of selling your junk car for scrap value is an incredibly profitable option to take when deciding how to properly recycle your vehicle.  As auto-recycling experts, West Virginia Cashin can help you get the most out of your old car and divert waste from ending up in a landfill!

2016-04-3--11-04-34Before you make the trek to our Nitro facility, here are some important points to remember before you recycle your car:

  • Prior to selling your car, be sure to thoroughly check the interior of your vehicle for valuables that you may have misplaced or forgotten about – they don’t unflatten well after being crushed.
  • Remove your license plates from the vehicle before selling your car; some states require that you return plates to the DMV when scrapping.
  • When transferring ownership to West Virginia Cashin, make sure that you have a clear, matching title for the vehicle you are selling. This is not only a requirement, but it will help you end any insurance plans on the car in subject.
  • If the car is in running order, be sure to use up the gas as much as possible – don’t let it go to waste!

How do you know when it’s finally time to scrap your car? Learn more about our auto recycling services by contacting West Virginia Cashin today!

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