A Recycling Partner – Auxier Welding, Inc.

Often times when tragedy strikes, we find ourselves asking what we can give of ourselves in order to provide relief to those affected.  Whatever the capacity, the willingness to answer the call of a humanitarian effort to our fellow West Virginians never ceases to amaze.  When massive flooding nearly submerged the town of Belva, West Virginia, West Virginia Cashin immediately rose to the occasion, utilizing their fleet of trucks to take away materials so that businesses could begin to build again.

Since 1984, Auxier Welding, Inc. has manufactured underground mine equipment, shuttle cars or coal transporters, coal feeders and replacement parts for mine equipment in Belva, West Virginia.  Following the flood, Auxier Welding faced a startling discovery: their facilities were destroyed – sitting under nearly eight feet of water.  For over a month, Auxier Welding virtually came to a standstill as everyone worked tirelessly to reclaim the business and all of its equipment.  When their initial scrap partners were unable to help, Auxier Welding called West Virginia Cashin, and in a matter of hours, were able to be on site with trucks ready to haul away the debris.

Subsequent to the cleanup, we sat down with Vicki Parker, an Auxier Welding employee, to comment on the recent cleanup effort made possible with the cooperation between Auxier Welding and West Virginia Cashin:

2016-04-3-10-56-40How long has Auxier Welding been partnering with West Virginia Cashin? We had dealt with WV Cashin one other time but were working with another recycler at the time of the flood this summer.

How did the 2016 flood impact, Auxier Welding? We were under nearly eight feet of water and our equipment, steel, surplus parts and most of our business was in danger.  Additionally, our offices were under nearly six feet of water, including computers and other equipment which had to be hauled to the landfill meaning 30 years worth of records were lost.  Everything came to a halt and all 40 employees just cleaned for one month. We could still ship from the warehouse any parts that customers needed since it was only under about ten inches of water.

How did West Virginia Cashin provide relief from the 2016 flood for Auxier Welding? Every day West Virginia Cashin would travel the 55 miles to drop off 2 roll-off containers and take 2 back to their Nitro facility. As we were cleaning and determining what couldn’t be recovered or saved, they were disposing of the material.

wv-cashinWhat made Auxier Welding pick up the phone and call West Virginia Cashin? Our current recycling partner at the time was behind and couldn’t get containers here fast enough. West Virginia Cashin had the equipment available and was here in a matter of hours ready to haul and help us get out of the horrible situation we were in.

What materials does West Virginia Cashin buy from Auxier Welding? Steel, scrap, metal parts, motors, actual metal bodies off of feeders and coal transporters – they will actually come in with a flatbed truck and pick some of the larger pieces of equipment up.

How much material did West Virginia Cashin take during the 2016 flood? About 15-20 containers full – they were dropping off two bins and picking up more every day.

When all was said and done, and the water began to recede, West Virginia Cashin was able to move over 180 tons of steel in just two weeks with another 200 tons of debris moved in roll-off containers.

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