4 Things to Remember Before Selling Your Junk Car

Whether “old reliable” took its last trip to the grocery store and called it quits or your front yard resembles something of a car graveyard, the option of selling your junk car for scrap value is an incredibly profitable option to take when deciding how to properly recycle your vehicle.  As auto-recycling experts, West Virginia. . . Read More »

3 Steps to Impact Your Commercial Recycling Program

Behind every successful business, both big and small is a well-designed business plan.  From day one, your plan has acted as a map to growth and profit.  When seeking new avenues in which to cut costs and increase your efficiency, waste management is often a subject that gets overlooked.  As your business begins to grow. . . Read More »

5 Benefits to Partnering With West Virginia Cashin Recyclables, Inc.

Scrap material is an inevitable byproduct that most manufacturers struggle to get rid of. If your business produces a variety of scrap material and it’s piling up, find out how West Virginia Cashin can increase your bottom line with these five benefits:  An Experienced Middle Man – a middle man can be an invaluable resource. . . Read More »

A Recycling Partner – Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is situated on 460 acres along the Kanawha River in Institute, West Virginia. This Kanawha Valley manufacturer develops ingredients used to make some of the world’s leading crop protection products for modern agriculture. Some products created from these ingredients are used to protect a wide variety of crops from pest damage. On site,. . . Read More »

On the Rise

In the last few months scrap prices have started to bounce back and we can finally say that “scrap prices are up!” After hitting a low $20/ton we are back up to $100/ton for Sheet Iron. Scrap metal prices for vehicles have increased as well over the past month, going from $3 in January to. . . Read More »

A Recycling Partner – NGK Sparkplugs

For over 20 years and with about 500 associates, NGK Spark Plugs U.S.A., Inc. has manufactured and sold oxygen sensors, spark plugs and related products for internal combustion engines in Sissonville, WV. Since nearly the beginning of the company, NGK Spark Plugs have partnered with West Virginia Cashin Recyclables, Inc. to provide a green solution to the. . . Read More »

Make Money off Your Old Vehicle

Maybe you’ve driven your car into the ground, and you’d like to figure out how to extract some value (and cash!) from it. Or maybe an accident damaged your car to the point that the cost of repairs needed to fix the vehicle might be beyond your budget. For many car owners, having an old,. . . Read More »

West Virginia Cashin launches rewards program for 2016

West Virginia Cashin Recyclables, Inc., a state-of-the-art recycling facility located in Nitro, West Virginia, has launched a Recycling Rewards Program. West Virginia Cashin will pay customers $20.00 for every 10 stamps received on their card. Each stamp has a requirement of $50 or more per visit.  The Recycling Rewards Program is part of the facility’s. . . Read More »

Direct Benefit to Recycling: Off-Set Holiday Expenses

The impact of recycling isn’t exactly a secret. For years, we’ve heard the facts about energy savings, landfill space reduction, and what it means to our future generations. Customers and clients of all types, expect it. In most government agencies, incentives are provided for those companies that implement successful scrap management programs. Yet, many companies. . . Read More »

America Recycles Day Selfie Contest

We’re kickin’ off America Recycles Day with a week long contest November 8-15, 2015! We’re combining selfies and recycling into an eco-friendly event for America Recycles Day at West Virginia Cashin. We’re encouraging everyone to take a creative photograph of themselves while involved in recycling and then submit the “selfie” to our Facebook page for a. . . Read More »