Turn your junk into cash!  West Virginia Cashin Recyclables is open to the public for purchase of common household metals.

West Virginia Cashin Recyclables offers solutions for your household recycling.  We offer drop bins for paper and cardboard. We gladly accept these materials for donation.

For common household metals, we purchase the following materials:



Household plastics, vehicles, radioactive material, chemical or other heavily contaminated materials, material containing PCBs, freon, electronics and tires per section 608 of the Clean Air Act, 40 CFR part 82.


WV Cashin #1 Copper#1 Copper- Clean, uncoated and uninsulated copper material.  #1 copper has no contaminates such as solder, paint, or other non-copper metals.  Copper wire that is excessively brittle or less than 16 gauge will not be #1 copper.

#2 Copper- Copper material that is uninsulated with some light contamination, such as solder, paint, coatings or brass fittings.  Any copper with steel or excessive dirt/ash will be bought at a lower price or rejected outright.

Sheet Copper- Copper trim, gutter or pressing that has been rolled into a thin sheet prior to fabrication.

#2 Insulated Copper- Standard recovery, non-contaminated insulated copper material no less than 18 gauge.  No steel.

#3 Insulated Copper- Low recovery insulatsed copper material.  Light contamination from glass, non-copper metals and plastics acceptable. 

Yellow Brass
- Mixed brass solids including brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and plated brass piping.  No munitions- including bullet casings- irony material or excessively dirty/corroded material.


WV Cashin- Aluminium CansAluminum Cans- Empty food and beverage cans which are free from excessive dirt, water, cigarette/tobacco waste, food or other non-metal contaminate. Cans containing excessive contaminates will be purchased at a lower rate, or rejected outright. 

Extruded Aluminum- Extruded aluminum material free of irony material (screws, staples, rivets, etc) and other non-metal contaminates. 

Slightly Irony Extrusion- Extruded aluminum material with no more than 3% total weight in irony material or other non-aluminum contaminates.

Sheet Aluminum- Unsorted aluminum material containing excessive contaminates, such as tar, insulation, wood, plastic, irony material, teflon coating or other contaminates.

Painted Aluminum- Clean, painted aluminum material free of contaminate.  Includes items such as siding, signs, gutters and disassembled awnings.

Cast Aluminum- Clean aluminum castings free of iron, brass, dirt, and other contaminates.  No more than 2% weight oil and grease.

Irony Cast Aluminum- Aluminum casting contaminated by excessive amounts of non-aluminum materials.

Die Cast- Zinc based material with no contamination.  Dirty material will be purchased at a lesser value.



WV Cashin- Electric MotorsLead Acid Batteries- Sealed, uncracked lead-acid batteries.  Lawn/garden and non-automotive size batteries bought at a lower rate.

Electric Motors
- Whole electric motors and/or dismantled electric motor parts that are primarily copper wound.  May not contain excessive steel attachments such as gear reducers, steel bases or pumps or other loose ferrous material.  Does not include sealed units or compressors. 

Aluminum Copper Radiators- Copper tubed/aluminum finned radiators free from contaminates.  Radiators containing steel or oil in the unit purchased for a lesser value or rejected outright. 

Aluminium Radiators
- Aluminum radiators free from contaminates such as plastic, irony material, foam and liquids.  Dirty material purchased at a lower value.

Brass Radiators- Mixed radiators free of aluminum radiators, iron-finned radiators and contaminate such as rubber, plastic or liquids.  Subject to deduction for steel core. 

Clean Stainless Steel- Stainless steel material lacking contaminates and cut to length shorter than 4 feet in length. 

Dirty Stainless Steel
- Assembled stainless material containing iron, rubber, plastics, non-ferrous metals or other contaminates.  

Specialty Alloys- Please contact us at 304-755-5187 for detailed information on specialty alloys.



WV Cashin- Appliance Recycling

Prepared Plate and Structural Steel- Plate and structural steel such as I-beams, H-beams, tank wall or other non-painted, non-galvanized steel material less than 4'x2' in length.  Must be thicker than 0.25".  Material not meeting length requirement purchased as unprepared at a lower value.

Prepared #2 Steel- Other ferrous material such as wrought iron, black and galvanized steel scrap less than 4'x2' and thicker than 1/8".  Does not include sheet iron or "white goods".

Sheet Iron- Thin rolled steel material used in gutters, roofing, siding and other plating applications. 

Appliances- Household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, laundry machines and other devices manufactured from steel and other metals.  NOTE- All refrigerators and freezers MUST be drained of refrigerant prior to purchase.





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