5 Benefits to Partnering With West Virginia Cashin Recyclables, Inc.

Scrap material is an inevitable byproduct that most manufacturers struggle to get rid of. If your business produces a variety of scrap material and it’s piling up, find out how West Virginia Cashin can increase your bottom line with these five benefits:

  1.  2016-13-4--12-10-28An Experienced Middle Man – a middle man can be an invaluable resource to help your business increase the bottom line and help move scrap off the floor. Don’t deal with multiple scrap yards and headaches, haggling over price and transportation. With an extensive network of buyers for all types of material, West Virginia Cashin is your one-stop partner.
  2.  Get Regular Pickups Scheduled – let West Virginia Cashin handle the hauling for you. With over 200 containers on site and ready to deliver to your location, we can evaluate your needs and supply the proper equipment to help ease the process. Use your space more efficiently and get piles of scrap material off the floor, save time, earn money and let West Virginia Cashin haul the material away.
  3.  Receive One Check – why deal with multiple buyers, multiple methods of payment and terms – just receive one check from West Virginia 2016-13-4--12-01-35Cashin. Your payment will come with order details including material amounts and pricing.
  4.  Certified West Virginia Scales – have peace of mind that the weights received at West Virginia Cashin are trusted and certified by the state of West Virginia.
  5.  Logistically Sound – conveniently located in Nitro and just 1 mile from the Exit 45 ramp off I-64, West Virginia Cashin is easily accessible no matter where you’re located in our service area. For larger loads, we offer a no-fee container service, which can be brought to your location and picked up when you’re ready!


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