West Virginia Cashin Recyclables was established in 1988 in Nitro, West Virginia and has since grown to be a leader in West Virginia’s recycling effort. We believe that we not only provide a service to our customers, but try to partner with decision makers to provide a viable solution to the ever growing pressure for incorporating an effective recycling program into your business plan. With over 90 years of combined experience in management, we believe we bring a unique perspective to the recycling industry.

By converting your manufacturing or demolition by-product into revenue rather than waste material, you stand to increase your bottom line. Recycling is often a missed aspect of a good business plan to reduce waste and increase efficiency. An effective corporate recycling program on metal, cardboard, and office paper will turn otherwise landfill material into dollars, means less waste, and makes good environmental sense. West Virginia Cashin Recyclables strives to pay the highest prices possible while maintaining environmental responsibility.


  • Over 200 roll off containers available for service
  • Flatbed, lowside and van trailers available
  • Direct seller to mills, no middle man
  • XRF Analyzer available on-site
  • State Division of Weights and Measures certified scales
  • 40’ and 80’ truck scales available on-site

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