Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About #1, #2 & Insulated Copper

Wondering how you can make some extra cash with the copper you have laying around? Don’t fret – our scrap metal expert Harley has got your back on how you can start saving for this year’s vacation by recycling scrap copper. In this Harley Says blog, Harley will be discussing all things copper – #1. . . Read More »

Scrapping for Beginners

Looking for ways to make some extra CASH? Have some old appliances or metal pieces lying around? Head to WV Cashin and turn those items into dough! Turning in unused appliances, metals and vehicle parts to be recycled is the easiest way to put cash in your pockets while also being eco-friendly. In case you’re. . . Read More »

Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About Extrusions & Painted Aluminum

We’re starting off the new year with another Harley Says blog, where WV Cashin’s scrap metal expert Harley gives you insight into all things metal and recyclable. This week we’re talking about how you can repay yourself back from holiday spending with extrusions and painted aluminum. First of all, what in the world are extrusions?. . . Read More »

Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Rims

We’re back with another Harley Says blog from WV Cashin’s scrap metal expert. This week Harley chats about aluminum wheels and how you can make big bucks by bringing them to the WV Cashin scrapyard. Let’s find out what he has to say! What are the different types of rims? There are clean rims, dirty. . . Read More »

Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About EC & ACSR Wire

If you’ve watched our video series Harley Says, you know Harley knows a thing or two (and a little more) about recycling and recyclable metals. We’re going to break down what Harley said about EC and ACSR wire a bit more so you know what can and shouldn’t be brought to the scrapyard. What is. . . Read More »

How to Make Moolah With Your Old Appliances

With appliance prices the highest they’ve been in six years, it’s time to get rid of that hand-me-down refrigerator or old washing machine you’ve been hanging on to since the ‘80s. But don’t kick your old appliances to the curb, bring them to WV Cashin and put some green back in your wallet. Before you. . . Read More »

Pointers On Our New Point-Based Rewards Program

With WV Cashin’s new and improved Recycling Rewards Program, you can be a part of the Mountain State’s recycling efforts and be rewarded with nifty prizes. That’s right – for every recyclable load you drop off, you can “CASH in” points for cool WV Cashin gear, gift cards, the hottest tech gadgets and more. Here’s. . . Read More »

3 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Scrapping

Many people collect and sell scrap materials for some extra change throughout the year. But selling excess metals and materials lying around comes in handy especially after the holiday spending is complete. With that said, if you’re new to scrapping, sometimes you can fall short on the amount of money you could be getting from. . . Read More »

Recycle Your Brass Shell Casings with WV Cashin

Due to health and political challenges the United States is currently facing, gun sales and concealed carry permits are on the rise. It’s estimated that people have bought 3 million more guns than normal since March. Almost half of all those sales are to first-time gun owners. With that said, recycling companies and scrapyards are. . . Read More »

Current and Past Partners Highlighted on Manufacturing Day

Since opening in 1988, West Virginia Cashin Recyclables has become a leader in the Mountain State’s recycling efforts. WV Cashin’s business plan and daily operations have helped with reducing waste from both a residential and commercial aspect all while increasing efficiency. With WV Cashin’s effective corporate recycling program on metal, cardboard, and office paper, the. . . Read More »

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