Pointers On Our New Point-Based Rewards Program

With WV Cashin’s new and improved Recycling Rewards Program, you can be a part of the Mountain State’s recycling efforts and be rewarded with nifty prizes. That’s right – for every recyclable load you drop off, you can “CASH in” points for cool WV Cashin gear, gift cards, the hottest tech gadgets and more. Here’s. . . Read More »

3 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Scrapping

Many people collect and sell scrap materials for some extra change throughout the year. But selling excess metals and materials lying around comes in handy especially after the holiday spending is complete. With that said, if you’re new to scrapping, sometimes you can fall short on the amount of money you could be getting from. . . Read More »

Recycle Your Brass Shell Casings with WV Cashin

Due to health and political challenges the United States is currently facing, gun sales and concealed carry permits are on the rise. It’s estimated that people have bought 3 million more guns than normal since March. Almost half of all those sales are to first-time gun owners. With that said, recycling companies and scrapyards are. . . Read More »

Current and Past Partners Highlighted on Manufacturing Day

Since opening in 1988, West Virginia Cashin Recyclables has become a leader in the Mountain State’s recycling efforts. WV Cashin’s business plan and daily operations have helped with reducing waste from both a residential and commercial aspect all while increasing efficiency. With WV Cashin’s effective corporate recycling program on metal, cardboard, and office paper, the. . . Read More »

WV Cashin Coaches Clay County Recycling Center to Success

For over 20 years, West Virginia Cashin Recyclables has served the Nitro area and beyond by converting manufactured or demolition by-products into revenue rather than creating waste. Cashin has provided an essential service in the efforts to eliminate waste and partners with decision-makers to offer a viable solution to the ever-growing pressure of incorporating effective. . . Read More »

Increase Your Bottom Line with Copper

Got Copper? Partner with West Virginia Cashin and reap the benefits of a trusted recycling center. Our state-of-the-art Copper Recovery Wire Chopper processed over one million pounds of material in 2019, and with over twenty trusted partnerships already formed, we’re inviting you to be next! West Virginia Cashin Recyclable is right for your scrap yard. . . Read More »

Winter’s Effect on Scrapping

Old man winter can have looming effects on many businesses. From retail services to the restaurant industry, the chilly temps can certainly drive sales way down. And one might not think so, but the scrap metal industry also sees a decline in business and fewer trips to the scrap yard. Keep reading to find out. . . Read More »

From Converter to Cash

Unused automobile parts often end up in the trash without any thought of being recyclable. But, did you know a large percentage of parts on a vehicle can be repurposed? Tires, windshield glass, batteries, catalytic converters, wheels, radiators, transmissions, and several other parts can be reprocessed or reclaimed. Though most people might not think of. . . Read More »

What Does China’s Scrap Ban Mean for West Virginia Scrappers?

Until recently, China was the importer of nearly half of the entire world’s scrap material. With a sudden ban on foreign waste, scrapyards in the United States have been left scrambling for other buyers. Scrap markets everywhere are certainly taking a hit from China’s withdrawal from the global scrap market, but West Virginia Cashin remains. . . Read More »

A Recycling Partner – City Electric

City Electric, based out of Charleston, has been providing services to West Virginia and its surrounding states since 1981. Specializing in electric work for residential, commercial and industrial clients, City Electric takes pride in providing quality service to the region. Throughout all phases of construction, including electrical repair, lighting installation, reconstruction repair and generators service,. . . Read More »

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