Time Well-Spent Equals Money Well-Earned

Here’s a fun exercise for you to do right now. Put a finger down if you currently possess:

  1. A car that is currently rusting and rotting in the yard
  2. Stacks of old bank statements or utility bills filed away
  3. A basket of coupons (that are probably expired) you’ve been saving up
  4. Old kitchen appliances you’re trying to sell out-right on Facebook Marketplace
  5. A hardly-functioning refrigerator you keep running out in the garage for your
    ~special beverages~ (those drinks deserve better, by the way!)


If you put a finger down, you’re losing out on some serious cash. Luckily for you, we accept items just like these and more!


As we round out the last few weeks of wintertime, when much of our days are spent indoors, now is the perfect time to roll up those sleeves and get to sorting. And, with WV Cashin, that hard work will literally pay off!


We know how overwhelming sorting through clutter can be, so let the potential earnings be your motivation to clean up and cash-in!



Materials We Accept

WV Cashin offers a comprehensive recycling program that includes:


  1. Vehicles: From cars to trucks, recycle your old or non-functioning vehicles (in an environmentally friendly way.)
  2. Appliances: Recycle various household appliances, ensuring responsible disposal and material recovery.
  3. Paper: Everyday paper items like newspapers, magazines, and cardboard are accepted, supporting household and commercial recycling efforts.
  4. Metal: A wide range of metals, including aluminum, copper, and steel, can be recycled, catering to both individual and industrial needs.



How We Value Your Materials

When you arrive at WV Cashin, your materials are weighed on state-certified scales.

This ensures that you get the most accurate and fair weight for your scrap, guaranteeing an honest transaction every time.


We’re Here to Help!

Our team is ready to assist you with unloading your materials.


We understand that some items can be heavy or cumbersome, so we’re here to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible for you.


Get Paid!

After unloading, simply head to our lobby, give your name, and our staff will take care of it. It’s that easy!


We pride ourselves on a swift and hassle-free payment procedure!



The Best Part?

Walking out with cash in hand for your recyclables, of course!


However, we understand that this kind of task is time-consuming and often exhausting. So, if this feat seems like too much, we encourage you to start small.


Set a timer for thirty minutes to an hour to dedicate yourself to sorting; then give yourself an allotted amount of time for a break, like fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, repeat!


Remember: progress pays, and we look forward to seeing you at WV Cashin very soon!


Check out our blog for more pointers on making money with us!

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