A Recycling Partner – Diamond Electric

When the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted and hindered businesses across the nation, WV Cashin Recyclables became an invaluable resource and partner to Diamond Electric, a West Virginia-based manufacturer for the automotive industry.

Since the 90s, Diamond Electric has produced high quality and cost efficient ignition coils for popular automotive companies like Ford, Subaru, Honda, GM, and several others. Located in Eleanor, West Virginia, Diamond Electric is a global company that manufactures these key car parts through automation for domestic and overseas customers.

After running into inconsistencies from a former recycling company that impeded on Diamond Electric’s business, the automotive team turned to WV Cashin and has since maintained a solid, professional partnership.

We recently chatted with Diamond Electric’s warehouse supervisor Sarah Beasley and HR Manager Christian Morrison about the relationship between Diamond Electric and WV Cashin.

What made Diamond Electric initially pick up the phone and call WV Cashin?

We were having logistic issues and infrequent pick-ups with a prior company. Being a high paced manufacturer, that company just couldn’t keep up.

Does WV Cashin provide transportation services?

WV Cashin’s main function working with us is picking up our recycling.

What materials does WV Cashin buy from Diamond Electric?

Copper, raw and nonconforming parts that are not up to our standards, iron pieces, electrical components, plastics (soft and hard), cardboard bales, and pallets. From pop cans to metals – one end of the spectrum to the other.

Would you recommend WV Cashin to other businesses? If so, why?

Absolutely, they haven’t missed a pickup since we started. Like the old saying, no news is good news. It’s almost nice to be able to forget because you know it’s going to get done. WV Cashin has also helped with our audits with making sure the area is clean. They are very useful and flexible. They have become a great resource and a great program that helps us thrive.

Since working with WV Cashin, Diamond Electric has surpassed their recycling goal of 87 percent by 90 percent just in the month of November. This is incredible news as suppliers for the automotive industry, companies must be ISO certified meaning companies must maintain environmental, health and safety measures and reduce business-related risk and environmental threats.

To learn more about WV Cashin’s services and how they can help improve your business’s recycling plan, call 304-755-5187.

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