Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About Sheet Copper

In our previous blog, we discussed everything there is to know about #1, #2 & Insulated Copper – how to identify it, how to clean it and how to make extra CASH by bringing it to WV Cashin.

Now, our scrap metal expert Harley is back to discuss how you can make extra coin from sheet copper.

What is sheet copper?

Sheet copper is typically known for its durability and ease of forming through hot or cold methods and is used for a variety of applications.

Because of its malleable form, sheet copper is used as a construction material, especially for exterior roofing projects. It’s malleability makes it the perfect material for creating roof shapes and bending around chimneys and roof edges.

Where is sheet copper found?

Sheet copper can be found across many industries, including electrical, construction, plumbing, and automotive. In addition to its formability, the color and natural patina sheet copper develops makes it very popular for architectural features and as an artist’s material. Sheet copper is also used to make parts for automotive, and HVAC.

How do you make extra money from scrap sheet copper?

Bring it to WV Cashin! We’ll go through what you have to offer and give you the best deal out there!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Harley Says video – he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to scrap metal!

If you have questions about these materials or other recyclables, give us a call at 304-755-5187.

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