Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About Electric Motors

Dead electric motors can seem worthless to most, but to the folks at WV Cashin, these items can put extra cash in YOUR pocket.

In this Harley Says blog, our scrap metal expert Harley explains how you can make some extra bucks from those unwanted motors you have laying around.

What is considered an electric motor?

WV Cashin will accept electric motors that are used for both commercial and industrial use.

These types of motors can be found in a range of devices from car parts to common household items.

Common household items that have electric motors include:
– Microwaves
– Air Conditioners
– Power Tools
– Power Supplies
– Washing Machines
– And much more!

Electric motors can also be found in industrial fans, blowers, pumps, disk drives, machine tools, starters, alternators, generators and more.

How are electric motors recycled?

The folks at WV Cashin will break the metallic casing of the motor and then separate the components of the motor. The separated components will then be sorted into our recycling points (copper, metal, iron, etc.)

What do we need to expect when WV Cashin purchases electric motors?

Here at WV Cashin, we want no excess steel. If your motor has excess steel on it, you will get a lower price.

Give WV Cashin a call to learn how to properly prepare your motor to be recycled and to get the most money! And keep an eye out for the next Harley Says blog—he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to scrap metal.

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