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3 Places You Can Find Insulated Copper to ‘CashIn’

Collecting and selling insulated copper wire is a large part of what we do here at West Virginia Cashin Recyclables. Different types of wire contain different amounts of copper – the higher copper percentage your wire contains, the more we’ll pay. Determining the types and most common places to find copper wire will save you some time and money.

Types of Insulated Copper We Buy

Insulated Cable is a common copper wire used for heavier electrical connections like from a home or building.

Insulated Wire is another common copper source you will come across. This wire is typically found in normal every day electrical cords you see around your home that connect to small appliances or your basic extension cord.

Where to Find Insulated Copper

  1. Large Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, dryers, etc. make great items for steel recycling, but remember to cut off those wires from the back.
  2. Underground, for example, in the mining industry, where they use insulated copper cables to source power below ground.
  3. Small Appliances & Extension Cords contain insulated copper wire that can be cut off and recycled.

We can take the insulated wire with the jacket intact AND pay you Top Dollar in return. Learn more about how your company can scrap its insulated copper by Requesting an Assessment today.

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