Aluminum Factoids for Business Minds

For most, the benefits of recycling are obvious – both environmentally and financially. Taking care of one’s carbon footprint can go a long way in terms of putting a couple extra dollars back into your pocket. As a business, the best thing you can do to ensure you’re getting the most from your efforts is to continue to inform yourself on how to better your company’s recycling plan!

The Cash Cow of Metals

Aluminum – the most recycled metal in the world.  Not only does it retain nearly all its value, but it can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its integrity. Further still, it takes 95% LESS energy to recreate from recycled aluminum than raw material. What do these things mean for your business? Two words – INCREASED VALUE.

Believe it or not, the aluminum cans sitting in your bin are the single most valuable recyclable you own.  Every year, the aluminum industry pays $800 million for empty cans. Finding a buyer is the easy part, and with little effort, you too can utilize your aluminum scraps to better your bottom line.

Getting Started

Whether your business produces aluminum products, has scrap, or a pile of soda cans, you’ll need a proper collection plan. If you’re interested in earning cash for your metal waste, consider designating an employee to drop the scrap at our Nitro location. For businesses with larger quantities, a custom collection method may be best. Try contacting one of our auditors to get a FREE assessment and an audit of your scrap’s worth.

When you invest your time into a proper recycling plan, the benefits begin to show themselves quickly.  Not only are you reducing waste costs, but you’re affecting your bottom line too!

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