From Converter to Cash

Unused automobile parts often end up in the trash without any thought of being recyclable. But, did you know a large percentage of parts on a vehicle can be repurposed?

Tires, windshield glass, batteries, catalytic converters, wheels, radiators, transmissions, and several other parts can be reprocessed or reclaimed. Though most people might not think of it, old car parts still have value after their life expectancy. In fact, old catalytic converters are being sold to companies that will extract precious composite metals from the device.

That’s why West Virginia Cashin Recyclables is offering improved pricing for mechanics and auto shops who bring in catalytic converters. Like many companies, WV Cashin Recyclables is recycling catalytic converters for the platinum, palladium, and rhodium that is often found in them.

Based out of Nitro, West Virginia, Cashin Recyclables has become the state’s trusted leader in recyclable efforts with its 30 years of dedication to the community. Stop by WV Cashin Recyclables and convert your old catalytic converter into extra change! Cashin will take care of the recycling process and hand over the cash!

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