Harley Says: Everything You Should Know About Extrusions & Painted Aluminum

We’re starting off the new year with another Harley Says blog, where WV Cashin’s scrap metal expert Harley gives you insight into all things metal and recyclable.

This week we’re talking about how you can repay yourself back from holiday spending with extrusions and painted aluminum.

First of all, what in the world are extrusions?

Aluminum extrusions are a popular material used in various industries because of its lightweight, resistance and strength. Extrusion gives it whatever cross-section is desired, which can incorporate a host of useful features.

There are three main categories of extrusion shapes:

  • Solid, with no enclosed voids or openings (i.e. a rod, beam, or angle).
  • Hollow, with one or more voids (i.e. square or rectangular tube).
  • Semi-hollow, with a partially enclosed void (i.e. a “C” channel with a narrow gap).

What is painted aluminum?

Painted aluminum is used to offer durability for indoor and outdoor exposures. Its flexibility also allows for extensive forming and fabrication.

Where can you find each wire?

Painted aluminum can be found in siding, gutters, downspouts and ventilated ribs.

Extrusions are commonly used in clean door facings, clean pipe, clean I-beams and ladders.

Extrusions are also used in architecture and construction materials. They can be found in large (and small) display equipment – think picture frames, stands used in exhibits or trade shows, and point of sale displays.

Extrusions are also used in electrical systems, transportation (like aerospace and vehicle trailers), and industrial equipment, such as work benches and inspection tables.

How do you get the best price for each wire?

To get the best deal, painted aluminum should be brought into scrap yards in short lengths. For extrusions, you want to make sure all the screws are removed.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, bring your clean extrusions and painted aluminum to WV Cashin. We’ll accept painted aluminum in long lengths and will take extrusions with screws, however, it’ll be at a lower price.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Harley Says video – he knows what he’s talking about!

If you have questions about these materials or other recyclables, give us a call at 304-755-5187.

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