Is a Roll-Off Container Right for You and Your Company?

With over 200 roll-off containers available (in varying sizes) for service, discover the benefits of utilizing this simple method of scrap metal removal – Best of all, CASH IN at the end of every project!

Are you one of the following?

  • Industrial/Commercial Company
  • Private Individual
  • Local Government or Community Organization

The bottom line – If your project generates a large amount of scrap metal, a roll off container can benefit you or your company!

  • Our containers are available for one-time scrap collection or regular pickup services – you choose!
  • Containers can be dropped off at your project site at your own convenience.
  • Utilizing roll-off containers help ensure a safe and clean project environment and prevent accidents that may occur by storing scrap metal improperly.
  •  Once you’ve filled your container or your project is complete we will collect the container providing a stress-free experience while saving you time!
  • Oh, and CASH IN at the completion of every project!

Keep WV Cashin in mind – no matter what kind of project you have, WV Cashin has roll-off containers to fit your needs.

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