Scrapping for Beginners

Looking for ways to make some extra CASH? Have some old appliances or metal pieces lying around?

Head to WV Cashin and turn those items into dough!

Turning in unused appliances, metals and vehicle parts to be recycled is the easiest way to put cash in your pockets while also being eco-friendly.

In case you’re a newbie to the scrapyard biz, let’s break down the steps of scrapping.

#1 – Assemble all of your scrap material

WV Cashin accepts both industrial and household recyclable items.
You can learn more about the items we accept and at what cost here.

#2 – Head over to WV Cashin

Once you’ve gathered all of the acceptable scrapyard metals, you’re going to want to head to 1 Pickens Road in Nitro, WV. That’s where we’re located, and where you’ll find the best deals on scrap metals.

#3 – Get weighed

WV Cashin has state-certified scales that vehicles will typically pull up on when they arrive at the scrapyard. You and your haul will stay in your vehicle until the traffic light on the scale gives you the green light to pull forward. You’ll then make your way to the back of the scrap yard.

#4 – Unload

Once you’ve pulled into the scrapyard, some of the Cashin crew will come help unload your vehicle. The Cashin team makes it incredibly easy to unload, sort your items and let you know what the next step will be.

#5 – Checkout in the lobby

Once you’ve unloaded the scrap, you should go to the lobby and checkout with Bethany, the front desk office manager. She will then give you a receipt that will need to be scanned at the self-service ATM.

You can keep up-to-date with Cashin’s metal prices here.

#6 – Get CASH

The ATM will dispense your cash and now you can leave with more money in your pocket than when you arrived at the scrapyard. Pretty cool deal, right?!

Cashin also offers a rewards program in which the more scrap you bring in, the more points you rack up for various prizes.

You can learn more about this program here.

For more information on the process, prices or acceptable metals, please call 304-755-5187.

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