Winter’s Effect on Scrapping

Old man winter can have looming effects on many businesses. From retail services to the restaurant industry, the chilly temps can certainly drive sales way down. And one might not think so, but the scrap metal industry also sees a decline in business and fewer trips to the scrap yard.

Keep reading to find out why the scrap industry takes a wintry blow during the colder months:

1. Weather & frosty temperatures.
Like many industries, the weather conditions can predict sales and the amount of traffic coming into the business(es). And, so for the scrap business, there’s less traffic and metal making its way into the scrap yard. This is because extreme weather conditions can slow down or halt construction projects and delay the transportation of scrap metal material; hence, producing less scrap metal.

2. Holiday interruptions.
The winter months are filled with holidays and many folks taking vacations and stepping away from projects. Because of this, there is less scrap being produced. And by the end of the year, budgets are tightened, and many projects are put on hold until funds increase and temperatures warm up.

3. Selling scrap for the holidays.
Many folks trade in their scrap for cash for extra holiday funds. By the New Year, they begin to restock and collect for the next scrap load. So, until a good amount of scrap is accumulated in the next few months, scrap yards typically are bare during the first quarter of the year.

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