Current and Past Partners Highlighted on Manufacturing Day

Since opening in 1988, West Virginia Cashin Recyclables has become a leader in the Mountain State’s recycling efforts. WV Cashin’s business plan and daily operations have helped with reducing waste from both a residential and commercial aspect all while increasing efficiency. With WV Cashin’s effective corporate recycling program on metal, cardboard, and office paper, the longtime Nitro business turns otherwise landfill material into dollars, which means less waste, and makes good environmental sense.

On Manufacturing Day, we wanted to highlight and celebrate some of our current and past manufacturing partners.

Bayer CropScience
Formerly located on 460 acres in Kanawha County, Bayer CropScience developed ingredients used to make some of the world’s leading crop protection products for modern agriculture. Some products created from these ingredients were used to protect a wide variety of crops from pest damage.

On-site, the facility operated a fully certified environmental protection lab for analyzing air, water and solid waste.

So, how did Bayer CropScience work with WV Cashin?

Well, WV Cashin separated steel, stainless, nickel alloys and other non-ferrous materials from the manufacturing waste.

Since the connection between Bayer CropScience and WV Cashin, the manufacturing site became more environmentally sustainable — a huge plus for the state’s environmental efforts.

NGK Sparkplugs
For over 20 years and with about 500 associates, NGK Spark Plugs U.S.A., Inc. has manufactured and sold oxygen sensors, spark plugs and related products for internal combustion engines in Sissonville, WV. From the start, NGK Spark Plugs partnered with West Virginia Cashin Recyclables, Inc. to provide a green solution to the facility’s manufacturing process.

Each month West Virginia Cashin hauls and processes cardboard, metal, insulated copper and steel for the Sissonville manufacturer — that’s roughly 600 tons of scrap material being processed at WV Cashin’s site!

As you can tell, WV Cashin would not be well-established without the loyalty of its manufactures. And manufacturers would not be as environmentally friendly without WV Cashin’s dedicated recycling efforts. It’s quite clear — it’s a win, win situation.

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